Zkittles is that near-ideal hybrid of Indica and Sativa that  provides a peaceful and profoundly soothing experience but still keeps you alert and inspired, suggesting that this  strain truly is the exhilarating scent of sour and sweet fruit.

Clear and inspiring without the massive rush that the majority of sativas provide, this strain is best explained as “actively mellow.”

THC levels vary in between 18– 21%, so in this strain, like a perfectly balanced mixture of body and mind, long-lasting, and great pleasure. Pampering it a little will offer us the best of itself, a lavish production full of excellent resin. If you have not yet tasted this variety, you can not miss it!

You will remember the moment of your first draft because it is one of those varieties that you never forget.

If you still do not believe in the giants, it is because you have not cultivated this incredible variety outdoors. An incredible combination that will delight us with its tasty flavor and effect.

Zkittles development is spectacular, reaching outside dimensions that few varieties can offer. It becomes an authentic green giant that will provide us some incredibly sweet and fruity buds with a Haze touch.

If the flavor is fruity, something herbal with haze touches, vibrant without a doubt Its smell is similar, sweeter perhaps than the taste, is one of those smells that make us want to bite it directly.

The strong and lasting effect, without frights, personally qualified as magnificent. Brain effect that will make us “fly” as we pass with the smoking (laughs). It is one of those effects that you want when you go out, to the mountain or stay with a group of friends, outgoing and very active.

It is indicated exclusively for outdoor cultivation, given its characteristics. Well cultivated, we can obtain plants between one meter and a half and two meters and a half, although believe me when I tell you that I have personally seen larger specimens.

Variety branched but with trick and, I say, with skill because each of the branches that it forms will develop an incredible foxtail. Also, the plant itself will create a large central bud without the help of special or similar pruning, and it will offer us a more than remarkable production.

The taste of its fruits merely is delicious, fresh fruit in the mouth that will make us even salivate. Its effect is instantaneous and pleasant, mainly cerebral and of medium duration, nothing that can not be solved by filing another.

The smell of the Zkittlez highlights, and much, over any other variety, is very fresh and tasty, fresh fruit mixed with tropical ripe fruit, unforgettable. We will have this mature variety at the end of September, and it is a variety that will not make us wait to be harvested.

It will not leave us leveraged and will not make us very toasted. We can taste an incredible flavor and a sound effect at any time.

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