As a founder in the 21st century, there are numerous options for designing your everyday office life. One model is the so-called virtual office. Virtual and yet existent – this is how the concept of “virtual office” can be explained. A virtual office is a good solution, especially for start-ups who do not know how the company is developing or founders who have to keep the costs very low during the development phase.

When you hear the word virtual, you usually think of an abstract computer world or an office that is there and somehow not there at the same time: a kind of invisible office. And with this assumption, you are not even wrong: A virtual office is understood to mean forms of communication and address services that are provided by a service provider without the customer being on-site with his customers and making office space available there. Virtual offices come in very different forms, often in combination with one another. The services that a virtual office can include and the range of services offered are listed below.

What a virtual office can do for you

If you speak of a virtual office, it can be various services that you can use individually or in combination with each other. These services are either in the area of communication or the provision of office space. Virtual Office by Satellite Office includes the following features which are given below:


Reception service via telephone software : Here, a traditional on-site telephone service reception is replaced by a team of contacts in another location that receives and processes calls via the Internet.

The Virtual Assistant – the hidden helper in the background : A virtual assistant is usually self-employed, works from his home office, and offers his customers technical, creative, or administrative support.

The Call Center – the telephone solution for many calls : A call center is basically the same as reception service, but has a relatively large number of employees and can accept several calls for you at the same time.

Voicemail – the electronic answering machine : If you don’t want to have calls processed, but just want to save them electronically, you can use the relatively inexpensive voicemail. Often users have voicemail messages converted into emails for easy editing. However, a large number of callers do not leave a message because they prefer personal contact.

Rent a virtual business address : You rent a well-known business address in a certain city from a service provider without having to have a local branch yourself – and at a fraction of the cost that you would otherwise have. With the right address, you leave a completely different impression, which can make a small difference with business partners that draws special attention to you.

Customer care over the phone : To relieve their resources, many outsource customer support to external telephone service providers. Only calls that are acute and relevant to you are put through to you.

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