We’ll do a wrap-up of the whole very first year of Nvidia’s ray tracing efforts. An appearance at the video games that came out with RTX assistance, the video games that didn’t, and simply how the environment has developed in the area of twelve months.

Battleground V with ray tracing

Battleground V was the very first of the lot and ray tracing in this video game was a stop working at launch. That very first application of ray tracing ought to never ever have seen the light of day, we believe it set expectations in the wrong place and put purchasers of RTX cards offside since the efficiency was so dreadful on $1,000+ GPUs. That circumstance has most likely led to what we have today with so lots of video games appealing ray tracing but not supplying it at launch.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider RTX

This remains in our viewpoint the least excellent application of ray tracing we have seen up until now. Not since of efficiency or visual problems, but since the visual upgrade is very little.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider have mainly stayed with reflections or global illumination. Ray tracing shadows allows a more precise representation of lighting in the game, with much better distance-based shadow softening as you’d see in reality, along with much better point light shadows.

Metro Exodus with ray tracing

Metro Exodus is the very first game we played where we seemed like ray tracing was supplying something good from a visual perspective. There were no significant artifact concerns– no grain like in Battleground or appear like in Shadow of the Tomb Place Raider– and in basic it provided what it set out to: ray traced international lighting.

As we pointed out in our very first examination, the video game with ray tracing made it possible for is various creatively. In indoor environments, international lighting gets rid of the unreliable and random fill light you get in a lot of scenes, so the video game can be darker, while you get practically the opposite impact outdoors. Some people like this impact, others do not, and we can completely see both sides to the argument.

Control RTX

Control is among the games we chose as one of the very best releases of 2019, and haveĀ  played the whole method through with ray tracing allowed. It’s respectable, we do suggest it from a gameplay perspective– and the ray tracing is definitely rather fascinating.

There are 2 ray tracing presets in the video game but 5 total settings. Medium allows both reflection alternatives for ray traced reflections and ray traced transparent reflections, while High includes into the mix indirect scattered lighting and contact shadows, plus uses ray tracing to particles. Basically the High mode has both ray traced reflections and international lighting, while Medium is simply reflections.

Putting all of these components together, our company believes the very first year of RTX ray tracing has been dissatisfaction. Few video games to play, huge efficiency hits, and results that while aesthetically remarkable in some circumstances, are still in their infancy.


If Nvidia had marketed RTX in a different way, maybe the scenario would have been much easier to swallow. They went on to press ray tracing as a heading function, the factor to purchase these brand-new GPUs and pay a huge premium, specifically at launch. Rather Nvidia might have concentrated on conventional video gaming efficiency, more fully grown functions, and worth.

Ray tracing is a cool benefit that we have been able to demo on these effective video gaming GPUs while the environment develops. We think and hope this coming year of ray tracing will be a lot much better than the.

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